New to PGH Batteries – Trojan Renewable Energy (Solar), US Battery, & Odyssey

PGH Batteries now has batteries from US Battery, Odyssey, and Trojan Alternative Energy Batteries (Solar). While we still have ULTRAPOWER batteries in sealed lead acid (SLA), commercial, and the occasional car battery), US Battery is replacing ULTRAPOWER as our mid-priced golf-cart battery line (especially for 6V batteries). Of course, US Battery is a full line that spans all deep cycle batteries, including floor scrubbers, lifts, marine, stationary power, and all similar applications.

Customers that were customers of Battery Giant of Pittsburgh will recognize US Battery, as US Battery was BGP’s bread-and-butter deep cycle line. Looking across Trojan, US Battery, Crown, ULTRAPOWER, and Odyssey, the table below compares pricing and applications.

Trojan Renewable Energy Batteries are all About the Cycles

Cycle specs for Trojan Renewable Energy Lines

Trojan Battery Reports: “Renewable energy installations are rapidly growing around the world. From fully autonomous off-grid buildings in the world’s most affluent regions, to luxury eco-resorts in exotic but remote areas, … obtaining and utilizing clean reliable energy is now an achievable reality of daily life.

As the leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, Trojan Battery Company believes in providing clean and reliable energy storage solutions that enhance the way people live and work around the world. For more than over 90 years, Trojan Battery has focused its experience and expertise in deep-cycle technology on manufacturing the highest quality, deep-cycle batteries available in the industry. “

Jim Logan
PGH Batteries
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