We No Accept Alkaline Batteries for Recycling from Customers that Don’t Buy Them From Us

ecycle alkaline batteries for free for our commercial customers  if you buy bulk alkaline batteries from us OR if you have a healthy mix of batteries to recycle (i.e. also recycle lead batteries, such as from UPSs.    If you regularly recycle a bucket at a time  and you don't buy bulk alkalines from us, we charge $0.50 per pound.  That's pretty much what we have to pay the recycler.  We are passing the costs through, giving commercial customers the benefit of our wholesale recycling rate.

We charge $0.50 per pound for alkaline batteries in bulk quantities unless you buy bulk alkaline batteries from us.

We no longer recycle alkaline batteries unless you purchase bulk alkaline batteries from us. We no longer accept alkaline batteries from non customers. In consumer quantities, alkaline batteries are safe for the waste stream (they have no toxic heavy metals and do not pose a fire risk). Meaning they are safe to put in your trash.

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