Two-Way Radio Batteries from PGH Batteries and Power Products

PGH Batteries sells as well as recycles two-way radio batteries.
Does PGH Batteries already recycle your two-way radio batteries? If so, please consider buying your new two-way radio batteries from us.

Why buy two-way radio batteries from PGHBatteries?

We supply a wide range of two-way radio batteries from Power Products. Power Products a leading supplier of high performance batteries, chargers and related accessories for two-way radios used by public safety, government organizations, business and industry. If you don’t believe us, read it off their website at A little more seriously, we have been selling Power Products batteries for 7 years, and they perform as advertised. They often have more variations in terms of capacity and chemistry of batteries than radio manufacturers.

Power Products supplies batteries for many radio brands, including Motorola. Here is the complete list:


Power Products also offers great smart chargers.

Key Features of Endura smart chargers from Power Products:

  • Radio may stay powered on while charging.
  • Utilizes replaceable pods allowing the charger to be updated for future use and with multiple radio models or brands.
  • Available for most radio brands including Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, Hytera, Icom, Maxon, BK Technologies, Tait, Vertex Standard and others.
  • Compact designs require less vehicle space than other two-way radio chargers.
  • Provides cold and hot battery monitoring and other important battery warnings.
  • Certified to meet U.S. Department of Energy and California Energy Commission requirements for energy conversation.

Endura chargers utilize pods in order to charge hundreds of different two-way radios. The charging pods are replaceable, allowing the charger to be updated for future use with other radios. Both dual and single pods will charge different chemistries as required to support battery options for a radio. 

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