We Still Rebuild Battery Packs

Two NiCd battery packs for an automobile wheel alignment machine.
These battery packs power are 2 of 4 packs that power a wheel alignment machine.

There is still a lot of legacy equipment that has built-for-purpose NiCd and NiMH battery packs. The packs in the photo are for a wheel alignment machine. Over the years, we have rebuilt them several times. Engineers also have equipment with specialized packs that we sometimes rebuild. Even a few years ago, most power tool packs were also NiCd or NiMh. Now, most new tool packs are Li-ion, and are engineered for planned obsolescence – meaning their electronics won’t let them be rebuilt. But we can always experiment with Li-ion packs as well. So if you have some built-for-purpose battery packs getting to end of life, consider having us rebuild them.

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