Firefly Batteries with Microcell Carbon Foam Technology Are the Best Batteries for RVs and Van Living

Firefly OASIS MCF G31

Firefly batteries use MicrocellTM Carbon Foam material as battery plates rather than lead plates. Carbon foam delivers longer service life, increased energy efficiency and better performance under extreme temperature conditions. The Firefly carbon foam design resists sulfation and corrosion (two of the primary causes of failure in lead-acid batteries), while dramatically increasing the surface area within the battery, resulting in greater energy capacity, faster recharges, and deeper discharge capability.

Key features:

  • Sealed-requires no maintenance
  • More than 3-4 times cycle life compared to flooded gel & AGM VRLA batteries when discharged to 50% depth of discharge (DOD)
  • Lower cost per kWh delivered compared to premium VRLA batteries
  • Unmatched ability to recover from extended storage in discharged state
  • Improved high/low temperature performance
  • Superior protection against corrosion and sulfation related problems
  • Lowest Cost of ownership and Industry leading warranty
  • Compatible with existing lead acid battery recycling infrastructure
  • Outstanding long life even under partial state of charge operation

The first Firefly battery we offer is the OASIS MCF G31 battery – i.e. a Series 31 true deep cycle. Capacity is 116 AH at the 20 hr rate. Operating temperature range is -4F to 140F.

Battery Life at 77F

To read the complete data sheet for the OASIS MCF G31 battery, click HERE.

What makes this battery outstanding for RVs an van life are the combination of the cycle life and the operating temperature range. The Firefly batteries have much longer cycle life than traditional lead-acid batteries, and a wider temperature operating range than lithium-ion batteries.

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