POWERPRO Pallet Jack Battery Modules Offer Triple the Life and are Maintenance Free

POWERPRO Battery for Pallet Jacks

POWERPRO Pallet Battery modules from Eternal Technologies utilize new carbon nano battery technology to offer triple the life and no maintenance compared to flooded pallet jack batteries. Benefits include:

  • Completely maintenance free – No watering required!
  • 750 cycles at 75% depth of discharge – triple the life compared to flooded batteries!
  • Recharges from any standard 110-volt AC outlet
  • Fully integrated UL approved automatic charger
  • 2-year full replacement guarantee

Specs are:

5 Hr Rate184 AH184 AH
20 Hr Rate220 AH220 AH
Length26.50″ [673 mm]25.25″ [640 mm]
Width7.88″ [202 mm]8.00″ [203 mm]
Height26.54″ [674 mm]26.54 [674 mm]
Weight380 lb [172.4 kg]378 lb [172.4 kg]

About the Manufacturer – Eternal Technologies

Eternity Technologies was founded in 2009 as part of the Al Dobowi Group to meet the needs of the global industrial lead acid battery market. Eternity Technologies manufacturing facility is based in the U.A.E. Thu opened their US office in Chicago in 2017.

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