PGH Batteries Now Offers Power Sonic Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

A diverse collection of PowerSonic SLA batteries
Power Sonic is well respected and has a broad line of batteries with specs that match up to most customer expectations.

PGH Batteries is now offers Power Sonic sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries in addition to our flagship EnerSys SLA batteries. For most common sealed lead acid battery (SLA) battery applications, we sell EnerSys SLA batteries. The reasons are easy:

  • EnerSys batteries are Pennsylvania made
  • EnerSys battereis are world class in quality
  • Our distributor stocks EnerSys Batteries in Pittsburgh.

However, EnerSys has a few limitations for us and our customers:

  • Our distributor stocks around 30 of the most common models. That leaves out some less common battery formats.
  • EnerSys specs very conservatively. What other companies spec as 12V 18 AH, they spec at 12V 17.2 AH. In reality, they likely perform the same and batteries don’t refuse ink.. But for customers with life critical applications specs matter, and sometimes EnerSys’s conservative specs cause a problem.

Our solution to both of these? We now have a regional distributor that can quickly ship us Power Sonic batteries. Power Sonic is a US company, well responded, with among the broadest line of batteries. It takes us a few more days to get Power Sonic batteries. But for example, we have a customer that needs two 12V 40 AH batteries. This is a relatively low volume battery. EnerSys specs the equivalent at 38 AH. So we are going ahead selling this customer the Power Sonic PS-12400.

Power Sonic PS-12400 12V 40 AH SLA battery
Power Sonic PS12400 12V 40 AH Battery – PGH Batteries supplies Power Sonic!

Don’t expect to see many Power Sonic batteries on We quote them as appropriate. Call or email us if you are looking for a specific Power Sonic battery model.

What About ULTRAPOWER, Mighty Max, and Leoch SLAs?

These are value brands we offered now or in the past. Here is the current field report on each.

  • We no longer sell Leoch at less than pallet orders. But because many customers have them installed, we cross-reference them on so if you search for them, you find an equivalent battery.
  • ULTRAPOWER is the house brand of our local distributor. But since they have to buy them in bulk infrequently, sometime we have to watch date codes on them. That isn’t something we talk about. But if factors if we choose to quote them or not.
  • Might Max is a new house brand for us. We don’t have experience with them yet. Expect us to start offering Mighty Max as our new value brand in some situations.

We Still like EnerSys Batteries!

EnerSys is still our flagship SLA battery brand. For most common form factors, we can supply EnerSys batteries the quickest. Power Sonic just provides us a second solution.

Collection of EnerSys SLA batteries
EnerSys is still our flagship brand of SLA batteries

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