Have You Tested Your Exit Emergency Lights Recently?

Emergency light - Test them regularly!
If you have battery powered emergency or exit sign lights, test them every year

Do you have battery powered emergency lights or exit sign lights? Have you tested them recently? If you have batteries in your emergency lights, check them at least annually, and replace the batteries every 3 years. Most battery powered emergency lights have a test switch to push. The lights should turn on when you press the test switch.

We have a customer that asks us to come in to replace their emergency light batteries every three years. They have a real menagerie of lights, with an assortment of batteries – 6V 4 AH SLA, 6V 12 AH SLA, NiCD battery packs, and NiMH battery packs. All they were missing with an emergency light with Lithium-ion batteries, or maybe one hiding a lemon with 2 nails in it, to fill out bingo card of all the possible battery options.

There are two ways to go on testing emergency lights: You can wait until the fire inspector comes and give you a warning or citation, or you can do it yourself.

We Replace Emergency Light Batteries

Here are some of the steps to go through to test emergency lights and replace batteries:

  • Testing if the light works at the start.
  • Setting up a ladder, opening the light.
  • Identifying the battery inside – sourcing the battery. Make sure you get the battery voltage and capacity right!
  • After you source the battery, repeat the process of setting up the ladder and opening the light.
  • Replace the batteries. Verify the light works.
  • Note the battery replacement date on the light, so you know when to replace the batteries again.
  • Clean up. Including recycling the batteries – not in the trash!

For us, replacing emergency light batteries in not one of our favorite things. But that means it may be more of a hassle to you too. Especially if you also have a menagerie of emergency light. We charge $45 per emergency light

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