We Rebuild Tough to Replace Battery Packs

We rebuilt this BAT6000C lithium iron Phosphase (LiFePO4) battery back for a Robomow. While we cannot rebuild all lithium packs, if they have connections for a balance charger (i.e. a second connector like in the photo), we likely can.

We rebuild tough-to-replace battery backs. For example, Robomow lawn mowers use a proprietary pack, and there are not a lot of good replacement options. A local Robomow owner asked us to rebuild his pack. The slide show shows some of the steps.

Don’t Become a Spectacular Internet Story

Remember our warnings not to become another Internet story while vaping? A vape has 1 cell in it. This Robomow BAT6000C pack had 16. And they are 26650’s, which are larger and more powerful than the 18650’s used in vaping. The key take-away is that rebuilding a battery pack of this power and size in not a good DIY project. Momentary shorts release humongous power and heat, melting tabs and starting fires. Water doesn’t put out lithium fires, and you need a sand fire bucket. Just say’n, don’t try this at home if a pack is as large and complex as this one.

We Still Rebuild NiCd and NiMH Packs

In the past, we rebuilt a lot of NiCd and NiMH tool batteries. That made a lot of sense at the time. Now power tool companies are bundling and selling mostly disposable lithium-ion tool batteries. I say they are disposable because they are often “smart” packs, and they detect when they are rebuilt and they rebel (damn you Skynet). So if you have a legacy NiCd or NiMH tool pack that is important to you, we can still rebuild it. Recent lithium-ion power tool batteries, not so much.

In a prior life before Battery Giant of Cranberry closed in May of 2018, Jim rebuilt lots of NiCD and NiMH tool battery packs. The same skills apply to a variety of rebuilds.

We Rebuild Battery Packs for Specialized Engineering or Manufacturing Equipment

A category in which we do still rebuild NiCD or NiMH batteries on occasion is for specialized engineering or manufacturing equipment. We are happy to rebuild these otherwise impossible to replace battery packs. For example, we show battery packs we rebuilt for a wheel alignment machine here.

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