PGH Batteries is Open!

PGH Batteries is open! We are a virtual business. That means we do not have a store front or hourly employees. We can serve you as long as commerce is allowed and the roads are open. Using whichever metaphor amuses you the most, we are “Opening the curtains behind the wizard” or “Opening the kimono” to explain how we execute our business. So you can best plan your business to the extent that you rely on PGH Batteries.

PGH Batteries is a Virtual Business – The Good

Here is the good:

  • PGH Batteries does not have a physical storefront or hourly employees. You don’t have to worry about our physical storefront shutting down or us furloughing employees.
  • For deep cycle batteries like floor scrubber batteries and sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, we rely on a local warehouse of a regional battery distributor located in the greater Pittsburgh area. We do not envision trouble sourcing these batteries unless wholesale businesses are ordered to close or local travel is restricted.
  • For customers that buy from us regularly (like monthly), we generally buffer 1 to 2 orders ahead in the PGH Batteries warehouse. Most of these customers buy bulk alkalines.

PGH Batteries is a Virtual Business – The Bad

Here is the ugly:

  • Our bulk alkaline batteries are shipped out of Florida. After our buffer stock is depleted, we have access to bulk alkaline batteries only to the extent commerce is happening in Florida, and freight shipments are being moved between Florida and Pittsburgh.

If you are concerned with supply disruptions, we encourage you to order your own buffer stock from us. We order bulk alkaline batteries about once per month. We will advise affected customers if we have any supply shocks.

PGH Batteries is a Virtual Business – The Ugly

PGH Batteries really is business owner Carol and familiar face Jim. Jim is relatively low risk for Covid-19. Carol is higher risk and already self-isolating. Outside of doing commerce, Jim is self-isolating too.

  • If Jim gets sick and/or is quarantined, we possibly have a service disruption. As you know, PGH Batteries works to be honest and up-front on expectations, plus generally tries to exceed expectations when we can. We can envision plan B’s on executing deliveries unless we have a critical family emergency.

Bottom Line

PGH Batteries is Open!

  • For now, we are more resilient than companies that have to rely on hourly employees.
  • If you have business critical needs for batteries over the next several months, we suggest you buy some appropriate buffer stock. Not as much as toilet paper, but some.
  • PGH Batteries will support your company through these unusual times.
  • Buy local! Thank you for your business. Let’s get through this together.

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    1. John:
      We have several options. The most common
      Trojan T105 – $149.95 each.
      Crown CR-205 – $105.00 each.

      Prices assume swap of old batteries at time of delivery. We deliver in the greater Pittsburgh area.

      PGH Batteries

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