We Install Golf Cart Batteries in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Set of 6 golf cart batteries in a cart ready to be replaced
We can replace your cart batteries for you!

Increasingly, customers are asking us to install golf cart batteries that we sell them. So this month, we started to say “Yes!”.

What you get when we install your golf cart batteries:

  • Old batteries removed.
  • Cable ends cleaned of corrosion and dirt
  • Cables replaced as needed
  • New batteries installed
  • Cables reattached with corrosion preventative
  • Check that the cart is getting power
  • Old batteries recycled

We also educate the customer on these key points:

  • Fully charged batteries are happy batteries. Also store your cart for more than a week with fully charged batteries.
  • Check the tightness of battery connections a month or two after install. Nothing is sadder when a connection loosens, the connection from cable to battery starts to arc, and the arc melts away the terminal and melts a hole in your battery.
  • If storing your cart in freezing conditions, charge before it is cold! A fully charged battery doesn’t freeze until -90F. A completely dead battery freezes at the freezing temperature of water, 32F. A magic number for Western Pennsylvania is that at about 50% discharge, a battery freezes at -10F. That is a temperature we can hit Western Pennsylvania.
  • Top off your battery cells ideally with distilled water perhaps twice per year. Never put anything but water in the batteries. Only water evaporates, the molecules that make up battery acid stay behind.

We typically charge $100 per cart. If we need to replace 1 cable, we typically do that as part of the installation at no additional cost.

We sell golf cart batteries from Trojan and US Battery.

Note that we are not golf card mechanics. We only replace batteries.

Newly installed set of 12V golf cart batteries
New installed set of 12V golf cart batteries

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