We Replace Verizon FIOS Batteries in the Pittsburgh area

Verizon Fios box with red "Replace Battery" light on
Is the red “Replace Battery” on for your Verizon FIOS system? We can replace your battery

Is the red “Replace Battery” on in your Verizon FIOS box? We replace Verizon FIOS batteries in the greater Pittsburgh area. We usually can do this next work day (Monday – Friday). Price includes delivery, optional installation in your Verizon FIOS box, and recycling of the old battery. We charge $60 plus 7% sales taxes.

What does this battery do? Verizon reports:

“Your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is installed with a separate Battery Backup Unit (BBU). When a fully charged 12-volt battery is installed in the BBU, you will have up to 8 hours of backup power for basic voice service, including calls to 911.”

Note: Internet and TV service will not be available during a power outage even if a fully charged battery is installed. The BBU only provides backup power for voice service.”


If you want to swap out the battery yourself, it is pretty easy. You pop open a door, take the 2 connectors off the old battery, and put them on the new battery. Be sure to get the red wire on the positive connector and and black on the negative connector. Just look at which wire is in front on the old battery, and make sure to connect them the same on the new battery.

Verizon FIOS box with
To replace your own Verizon FIOS battery, open this door and follow the instructions that are inside the door. Be sure to install the red wire and connector on the same terminal of the new battery.

We only deliver and install Verizon FIOS batteries in our service area. See our greater Pittsburgh service area HERE.

To order a Verizon FIOS battery, you can either call us at 4724-741-6200, or order off our website HERE. Please know to create an account on our website, you need to know the passcode ” batteries are cool”.

We do not charge your credit card until day of delivery. We also telephone you to confirm delivery details. We reserve the right to cancel orders outside of our service area or provide other delivery challenges.

As a reminder, by law in Pennsylvania lead acid batteries must be recycled. 99% of lead acid batteries are recycled in the US, making them the most recycled product in the US. Anyone that sells lead acid batteries must accept them for recycling as well. Or you can take them to a household hazardous waste recycling event. PGH Batteries is happy to recycle all of your lead acid batteries. Including your Verizon FIOS battery, of course. When we install your Verison FIOS battery, we will recycle the old one for you.

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